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Huge event paintings to share – the extraordinary give away for your event!

Event Paintings – to share. Since centuries, paintings are a top marketing instrument for several events. If you order a Pixel Painting, than your story is told with paint and brush on many canvases. The exceptional advantage is: you present your picture, share it with others and at the same time:

  • promote internal communication
  • accompany important change processes
  • underpin commitments
  • provide entertaining surprise
  • express unique appreciation and thanks
huge live picture

live event painting from pixel painting

Imagine an artist painting a picture at an event. He has just applied the final brush strokes. You remain standing in front of his work and are impressed. The painter sees your fascination, removes a piece of the painting and presents it to you as a gift. You take it home, along with a great story to tell about the unique work on canvas.

live Painting and Giveaway

event painting at Rom

Now imagine that the painting was not created in an atelier but at a major corporate event in front of the guests. On a huge canvas. As a live art performance. At the end, every visitor receives an element of the complete painting – what is known as a pixel. And in this way the unique art campaign becomes an experience for all, a lasting souvenir to take away.

Live Event Painting

Live Event Painting at Brandenburg

The pixel painting consists of a large canvas, composed of many small, always equally sized canvases. The number of guests at an anniversary celebration, product presentation or other major corporate event corresponds to the number of these small canvasses or, in the diction of the artist, a “pixel”. The motif can be agreed completely according to the customer’s wishes, and painted in advance or live during the event. It is then given away to the guests pixel by pixel.


Event Painting Theatro Versace

Your board would like a focused presentation of future tasks at the next kick-off event. You would like to inform and motivate at the beginning of your project. A pixel painting transforms core statements into images, project participants into partners.

meeting wrap-up painting

Event Painting Munich

Your company is planning the launch of an innovative product line, a service or a brand. You have really developed something new and now wish to present it in more than only familiar formats. You would like your customers to take with them a memory and a lasting impression.

live event painting

Event Painting Brussels

Has your corporate group successfully mastered a change or achieved excellent results? This was only possible thanks to the great commitment of your team and you would like to express your appreciation.

Inauguration Painting

Event Painting Joined Venture

Your organisation is planning to celebrate a milestone. You have been active on the market for many years. You would like to celebrate this with your friends, supporters, employees and customers. Share your painting with your guests.

Huge live paintings

Event Painting Miami

Pixel Painting – the key to memorize your story

share your painting with others and link your target group

For more than 15 years, results of meetings have been visualised with the event painting – Pixel Painting method. Its strategy has proven its worth in many places since the first public presentation in the year 2000. Christof Breidenich and his team have already performed on several continents. More than 350 of our clients have already shared their paintings with more than 90,000 people.
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